Examples of work undertaken:

  • Customer satisfaction research project for bank to satisfy FSA requirements.
  • Establishing target market reaction to new fund-raising initiative by established charity.
  • Loyalty, satisfaction and values research for major educational establishment.
  • Social research on ethical issues facing society for charitable lobbying group.
  • Research to establish extent of penetration and perception of emerging scientific discipline among UK population.
  • Detailed analysis of supporter base of rapidly growing charity to develop strategy to consolidate vision and optimise use of limited resources.
  • A post-merger examination of two very different charitable supporter bases, to ascertain the extent of integration that had occurred, and to determine the perceived level of ownership of the newly formed charity by its supporters.
  • New and lapsed donor research to understand reasons for supporters entering into and withdrawing support for charities through direct debits.
  • Research into social action carried out by churches across the UK to commemorate 75 years after the Beveridge Report and to investigate current social challenges.
  • New media product development through conceptual research, model building, launch strategy and post-launch research.
  • Print services customer satisfaction research for publishing company.
  • Updating image and communication strategy for long-established charity.
  • Investigation into the accreditation processes of Business Consultants.
  • Identifying key motivation drivers among major donors of established charity.
  • Testing new Child Sponsorship Models among existing sponsors for major children’s charity.
  • Member care satisfaction research for mission organisation.